Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send feedback on the new site?

We are very keen to hear all feedback, so please tell us what you think by using the button below.


We appreciate all feedback and all comments will be considered so that we can continuously improve our site for you the user. In the unlikely event that you discover a 'bug', glitch or something wrong with the site, please use the feedback form provided - we really do read every piece of feedback and we appreciate your help.

How much is it to register?

It's free. You don't need to register to use the main search area, however things like placing an advert or adding vehicles to your Watchlist mean we need to know who you are, so registering is needed. We don't share your details with anyone else though.

What internet browser works best?

The new Auto Trader site has been tested in all major browsers and will work fine in them.

For optimal performance however please note that Firefox 30, Google Chrome 37, Safari 7 and Internet Explorer 11 are the most effective. Please note, browsers older than IE 8 are not supported.

Upgrading your browser is also an excellent way to maximise your online security and keep safe online.

About Search / Searching on the Website

Why are there 2 ways of searching?

We found that about half the people who use our site have decided on the exact car they want to buy, and their budget, so to make things easy we have kept our single make/model and max price search, so you can go straight through to the right car first time.

Just as many people who use our site have a couple of cars on their shortlist though, so to help them along we have introduced keyword searching, which allows buyers to be more general in their first search and then fine tune the results.

The clever new search filters allow buyers to choose multiple makes, models and body types so you can compare similar vehicles side by side, easily. To use them, simply click on the filters and make your selection and once you are happy with all your search refinements, click update results. You can update your results after each selection or at the end of all your refinements.

Here are some tips which will help you find your next car or truck quicker..

  1. We have kept the popular drop down menus, but now we have added in the number of cars that match that make, model and price range, making it easier to see how many you have to choose from.
  2. Key Word on the home page as another way of searching for cars, simply type the car you want (ie Mercedes 320) and even if you accidently spell it wrong the search will correct it for you.
  3. On the search results we have moved the advanced search to the left, rather than the top, so you can see more adverts on the page.
  4. The new search now allows you to choose more than one make, or model of car, so you can now see all those shiny BMW 3 series next to the polished Audi A4's, making it eaiser to review what’s available for sale.
  5. To help you find a car, we have added in 'My Location' - this is a new widget that allows you to choose how far you want to travel to buy your next car. Add your current location (ie work or home town) in to the location box and choose one of the suggestions offered, then choose how far you want to travel, 50k's, 100k's or just 30k's, the choice is yours. Any cars matching your preferences are shown in the search.
  6. You can choose to use as many or as few search options as you need, and you can just hop between them as you wish, there is no need to 'update results' every time.


The keyword has a 'self correct' mechanism, which will help match your keyword if we think it's been mis-typed, and we also offer 'did you mean' which matches up similar words if we can't find what you're looking for. These will work automatically as you search, so you can be sure we'll help find your dream motor!

What's Distance and Town?

Previously on Auto Trader we showed you vehicles in your Province, which is great if you don't mind travelling great distances, but the average buyer likes being able to see cars or trucks on their doorstep, so by using the Town & Distance filter you can tell the search engine your location (ie Sandton or Johannesburg) and then filter away all the results that are too far to view, saving you time and effort.

How to use the distance and town search

What geographical data do we use?

GeoNames Geographical Database

Some of the work used on this website has been supported by GeoNames and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Creative Commons License

What is a 'Featured Listing'?

A Featured Listing is a product we offer advertisers to find buyers closest to them that are searching for a vehicle they have advertised.

The Featured Listing will conveniently appear at the top of search for you the buyer, highlighting the vehicle for sale most closely representing your search criteria and is the closest vehicle advertised to your set location making it as easy as possible to find and purchase your next vehicle.

For example, If you stay in Sandton and have entered your location as Sandton, a Featured Listing will appear of the advertiser closest to your location with a matching vehicle according to what you have searched for making it as quick and easy for you to find your next car and purchase it in no time.

What are the different colour listings in search?

The different colour listings in search are a product we offer our advertisers called "colourwash" in order to make their vehicle "stand out" from the other vehicles in the search listings. The colourwash draws the buyers’ attention in an attempt to attract the buyer to their vehicle first in order for it to be sold quicker.

What's 'My Watchlist'?

Watchlist is a way of keeping those bargain ads you've found (or dream cars) and want to refer back to in a shortlist.

You can add your shortlisted vehicle adverts to the Watchlist by simply clicking the 'Add to My Watchlist' link on the advert, and then viewing the list from the top site navigation. If an advertiser removes the vehicle from Auto Trader then your Watchlist advert will 'expire' and you won’t be able to view the advert anymore.

You'll need to register, which is free, to use My Watchlist.

Advertising on

How do I advertise on your website?

Its easy, visit and follow the sell your car link to enter your advert online. There are 5 simple steps which you will follow to place an advert. You'll need to register though to place an advert. We have located a sell your "vehicle" button on the top right hand corner of each channel (cars, bikes, etc) to make it easy.

Here are some tips when placing an advert online:

  1. Give as much detail as possible - buyers’ online associate transparency and information with trust and your advert will sell much quicker.
  2. Upload as many pictures as possible - just as above, the more images you upload the more trust you create and give your vehicle a better chance of selling quicker
  3. Price your vehicle right - do your homework on similar vehicles with similar mileage and condition to give you an indicative price range before you place your advert. TIP: you can use the Auto Trader website to do this and we have located a tool on the home page called "what’s it worth" to make this easier for you.

How do I make changes to an existing advert?

Visit . Login with your e-mail address and password. Click on manage my advert and follow the 6 simple steps to amend an existing advert.

How do I rebook/reactivate an advert?

Your advert will be displayed on until the expiry date. To rebook, expire or amend your advert, visit

Sign In, click on "My Account" then "Manage-My-Adverts". You can manage your Live Adverts, Expired Adverts, Payment Pending Adverts and In Shopping Basket Adverts from this area.

During the rebook process you'll be given the option of amending your advert. If you need assistance or experience any difficulty, please contact our Call Centre on: Tel: 0860 60 50 50 or just mail us

How do I pay for my advert?

For your convenience you may pay for your order via credit card, EFT or a cash deposit (Regret: no cheques accepted).

Please Fax proof of payment together with your vehicle registration number to 086 688 6990 for the attention of National Call Centre. You can also contact our sales desk by calling 08 60 60 50 50 once payment has been made to have your advert activated.

How does the 'Featured Listing' work?

A Featured Listing is a product we offer advertisers to find buyers closest to them that are searching for a vehicle they have advertised.

The Featured Listing will conveniently appear at the top of search for the buyer, highlighting your vehicle for sale, only if it matches their search criteria and you are the seller closest to that buyers set location.

For example, If a buyer in Sandton has entered a search for a Polo and you have advertised one which meets the buyers criteria and you are the seller closest to Sandton with a matching vehicle, then the website will display your listing first, right at the top of the search results, to bring you the seller and the buyer together quickly and conveniently.

How does 'Colourwash' work?

By selecting "Colourwash", you can select a different colour background on your vehicle listing, making your vehicle stand out in the search results in an attempt to draw the attention of buyers browsing on the website to your vehicle over other standard advert listings.

How does 'Hold Until Sold' work?

Hold Till Sold is a product of great value to an advertiser as for a nominal surcharge, it will enable you to list your vehicle for sale and re-book it at no extra cost when it expires.

Please do note however that the advert will still expire after four weeks (we do this otherwise we end up with old stock on the site that has been forgotten which is not great for anyone), however you will have the convenience of simply calling us to re-activate it at no cost.

For your convenience, however, we will send you a reminder of when the advert expires.

Please contact our call centre to re-activate your advert if it was not sold, on: Tel: 0860 60 50 50

You will be able to amend your advert when rebooking though our Call Centre to re-activate The 'Hold Until Sold' add-on i.e. price changes, etc.