The New Auto Trader web site offers a new way of searching. It’s a lot more flexible than the last version, and allows buyers to find and buy their next car, bike, or even truck much easier.


There are some major improvements which will help you find your next car or truck quicker, some listed below:

1. We have kept the popular drop down menus, but now we have added in the number of cars that match that make, model and price range, making it easier to see how many you have to choose from.

2. We have introduced Key Word on the home page as another way of searching for cars, simply type the car you want (ie Mecedes 320) and even if you accidently spell it wrong (like me) the search will correct it for you.

3. On the search results we have moved the advanced search to the left, rather than the top, so you can see more ads on the page.

4. The new search now allows you to choose more than one make, or model of car, so you can now see all those shiny BMW 3 series next to the polished Audi A4's, making it eaiser to review whats available for sale.

5. To help you find a car, we have added in 'My Location' - this is a new widget that allows you to choose how far you want to travel to buy your next car. Add your current location (ie work or home town) in to the location box and choose one of the suggestions offered, then choose how far you want to travel, 50k's, 100k's or just 30k's, the choice is yours. Any cars matching your preferences are shown in the search.

6. You can choose to use as many or as few search options as you need, and you can just hop between them as you wish, there is no need to 'update results' every time. 


We'll add some more hints and tips as we go through the week, in the meantime feel free to leave us some feedback here: