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About Us

Auto Trader South Africa is a professional publisher who is proud of our 21-year history and of our staff who work very hard to ensure that we are indisputably the leading media market space for buyers & sellers across all types of vehicles!

Our readership currently stands at 542 000 vehicle buyers per week in print and more than 1.2 million unique online visitors per month. Equally impressive is our inventory of over 54 000 vehicles, which is evidence of our success in bringing people together; a community if you like; who are looking to buy or sell a vehicle. We are glad to be able to offer the largest possible choice of both franchised and non-franchised dealers, independent dealers and private sellers.

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As Auto Trader has expanded, so too has our stable of titles:

All Auto Freeway publications are free pick ups, while Auto Trader and Commercial Trader are paid for titles.